Purchase Plus Your Home with Vantage Build

In recent months, we have had many clients purchase a home through us that have taken advantage of Purchase Plus Improvements in order to make their brand new space work and look the way they want it to. This is a unique edge our team offers – by combining Jeff Kitchen Real Estate + Vantage Build. Clients that have purchased an older character home wanted fresh finishes, so we have been able to help them achieve this all under one roof (pun intended here).

What is Purchase Plus, anyway? 

Purchase Plus your home allows you to build the cost of a renovation into the purchase price of your dwelling.

Why can we do this?

That is because we are able to blend both sides of our business: real estate + building to offer a full home experience. Where Vantage Build is an active member under the Canadian Home Builders Association and Atlantic Home Warranty, it is recognized by all major banks and financial institutions as an accredited building company.

How does it work?

When you purchase a home through our team and have decided you’d like to make changes, we sit down with you to determine what the renovation entails and how much it will cost. Once we have the go-ahead from you, we send the quote to your financial institution for the cost of the project to be blended into your mortgage.

Once you take possession of your home, the renovation begins.

Other notable perks? 

We finance the renovation and take care of design and project management, right through to completion. All of this is accomplished with our in-house team.

Since our collective has solid building + real estate market knowledge, we will be able to consult with you on how your improvements are going to translate into resale values.

With Purchase Plus your home, creating a space that is reflective of you and your lifestyle is pretty simple. You are excited with your new purchase but not so excited with the popcorn ceiling, shag carpet or the inefficient heating system – we can help with that.

For more information on Purchase Plus Improvements, get in touch with us here.

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