Spirited Modern Home

This is the type of home that gets us excited about homes over-and-over again. The type of home that has endless possibilities, whether you leave it as-is or you decide to make your mark on it. This home is a trendsetter, enviable style which is always on point from the exposed beams to the brick-laid fireplace that extends up to the ceiling, to the cool yet functional carport to the vertical wood siding with dark trimmed windows on the exterior.



Sticking with the outside, you will impress dinner guests by using the fresh ingredients you picked-out of your organic garden; in addition to hosting pre-dinner beverages on your minimalist patio overlooking a mature green-lined yard. Inside, is equipped with a Nest system that is described as a brighter way to save energy. The kitchen is well laid-out, with space to have a dining table in midst of all the action this space draws.


That being said, this home for sale gets our creative juices flowing. Thinking of all the different rooms we’ve come across that lend inspiration to this spirited modern home that is totally adaptable whether you choose to keep as-is or do your thing to it.

Ian Court Mood Board

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