We Sell Modern Dwellings

For those of you reading from the Greater Saint John area, you’re probably wondering where these modern dwellings are and how can we buy one?

Good question.

We are able to design, construct + sell modern homes by blending our two businesses together – the real estate portion and the design/build portion. Through a partnership with Jeff Kitchen Real Estate and Vantage Build, we offer a unique service where our team takes their extensive real estate knowledge and building know-how to give you a turn-key dwelling.

We source the land then design + construct a home for you. Did I mention this is all done with our crazy talented in-house team?

Or, we can design a home from scratch. In fact, we’ve had many clients that have given us a wish list and a blank slate and we’ve come up with a design for them (of course this completely collaborative with the client)

FInishing Touches

In small spaces, everything must count making this a professional yet personal part of our office. It seemed fitting adding pieces of art. Each chosen to equip the uniqueness and friendliness of its area wether it be thrifted or new, and all locally framed by Framing Factory. We may incorporate a bold paint color above the wainscotting and we may not. That is a topic for another day.

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