Our Location

2 Grove avenue
Rothesay, new brunswick

Our bricks and mortar office location is the perfect representation of restored Rothesay heritage and proudly serves clients as the only boutique real estate and design build office in Atlantic Canada. Occupied by three businesses: Jeff Kitchen Real Estate, Vantage Build and Garden Grove Café yet connected by a ton of historical recognition and community tie-in. Built in 1850, it began as a Gardeners’ Cottage growing into what would later be a cobbler shop, local storefront and a cherished home to many families that followed this building’s footpath over the decades.

Fast forward to 2017, the property was purchased by Jeff and Brittany Kitchen, as a means to fulfill a dream of owning commercial property on the Rothesay Common in addition to further investment in an area they firmly believe in. Since the ribbon was cut (didn’t actually happen), our heritage building has acted as a welcome mat for clients, walk-ins, neighbors and new residents to the area. Being on the corner of Grove Avenue and Hampton Road, across from the Rothesay Common and post office, this location is a hub of activity that operates with an open door.

Wanting to bring business back to coffee shop talk and seeing a void of walkable destinations within our community, were reasons that lead to the opening of Garden Grove Café. Clients and the public alike can reconnect with one another, celebrate milestones, create new inside jokes all while sipping on hot or cold beverages and eating local food. Tying in a neighborly feel to the building renovation was important and being able to have a physical showcase of the buy, build, sell experience allows personal insight to all our clients.

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