Clark’s Crib In Rothesay: Vantage Reveal


We never had the opportunity to finish a space like this before. Mind you, we have built spaces for clients that would eventually house babies, toddlers, pre-teens, teenagers, or children that become adults and never leave the nest. But never a finished nursery. Probably because this is our first child. His name is Clark, after our first home on Clark Road in Rothesay, Wendel Clark and the fact it pairs with the unique last name Kitchen. We are getting more personal here because our home is our business, our business is our family. In its previous life, this space was a guest room as pictured below.

Once everything was removed from the room it was a total blank slate. White walls, baseboard, trim, white oak floors and recessed lighting were the foundation. I asked if we could add a light fixture to anchor the room and I was told no. Okay, check. We live like we move every year, no extra nail holes welcomed here. You cannot see from the photos however the ceiling is sloped from 9′ to 11′ to reflect the midcentury shed roof of our home’s structure. This is not an ideal scenario for wallpaper, which was the first item selected for Clark’s nursery. Here are the boards that kicked-off the space planning.

Mood Board #1


Mood Board #2


I worked on these boards for months. Swapping-out rugs, chairs, colors, wallpaper, lamps, natural wood crib, white crib etc. I sent these boards to friends and family gathering their feedback. This space was definitely not thrown together, it was intentional and purpose-created for a little boy (who may grow-up to be a cowboy. not the family business, Clark). The theme, there was no theme. Pops of primary I call it. Maybe with a dash of Southwest sauce?

The intent was to have a bedroom that is creative, promotes play, nostalgic, comfortable, functional and somewhat styled. I didn’t realize it then but we spend more time here than any other space. It was important Jeff liked it too. We chose the bison wallpaper and it was installed by Legacy Painters. This install job was no easy feat given the height of the ceilings and the sloped roofline. Based on the wallpaper measurements given by Legacy Painters there was basically no waste. It was completed and cleaned-up before I came home for lunch.

Our project manager Jim and finish carpenter Daryl built a custom floating shelf that Clark cannot reach for a long time. This shelf is sturdy, it’s staying with the home for a long, long time. We all agreed it should be installed on the wall asymmetrically.

Side note: we love to create built-ins and no job is too intricate (small) for Vantage Build.

There are a few nostalgic items in this room from Jim and Daryl’s shelf to the framed pencil portrait we purchased from Sugar Tools in Camden, Maine when I was 7 months pregnant. To “Teddy” which was Jeff’s when he was born and Jeff’s Mom hand-knit the cable knit sweater Teddy is wearing. Other special items are the airplane painting which was Jeff’s Grampy’s plane that he landed on a frozen lake in Norway during World War II and the 90+ year old toys that were my Great Granny’s on the shelf.

Throw in rug layering, Habitat for Humanity hanger and a Salvation Army bison and here is Clark’s crib. The photos below were captured by Kelly Lawson.

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