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Creatively Modern Rothesay New Build

Finding unique places to call home in our area is most definitely possible; however challenging given the amount of supply available at the time. We know this. We’ve been there (both personally and professionally) and that is why we decided to open the doors at Vantage Build six years ago – to add to the supply of interesting, liveable spaces for all budgets and more importantly, that are a sheer reflection of the homeowners’ lifestyle.

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Old Rothesay Renovation Reveal

When working away on any custom project, the client leads the tone. Of course, they will ask our team for input, what you would do in their shoes, what’s efficient, how it’ll translate into resale etc; however at the end of the day the client is steering the bus and we are responsible for reaching the destination. This is a team bus, after all.

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Modern Day Neighbour

Built in the centre of traditional architecture and revived turn-of-the-century homes you can imagine how this new build may stick out just a bit.

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We Sell Modern Dwellings

For those of you reading from the Greater Saint John area, you’re probably wondering where these modern dwellings are and how can we buy one?

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Project Rothesay Rebuild

To say Project Rothesay Rebuild is a fresh start, would be an understatement. Our clients’ new build story did not start off as smooth as one would expect.

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Project Woodsy Retreat

For those familiar with the area, Meenans Cove is the ultimate New Brunswick retreat – completely surrounded by the Saint John River with vast forests + plenty of outdoor locations available to the public.

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Project Treehouse

Set on a hillside surrounded by the New Brunswick outdoors lies this modern loft. Completed in July 2014, this home is both bright and airy with help from the 20 ft ceilings and expansive windows that frame the landscape.

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