Brittany Kitchen

Not too far away from where she currently lives, Brittany grew-up in Saint John, New Brunswick where her love of athletics had her involved in any and all sports her schedule would allow. Not afraid of showing fortitude, Brittany convinced her parents to send her to Rothesay Netherwood School with no real connection to the school and on an instinctual whim. It all worked out seamlessly as this is where she met her future husband Jeff, several friends from all over the globe and it opened the door for her to pursue and complete a commerce degree in Marketing Management from the University of Guelph.

Returning to Saint John meant landing a marketing position at Port Saint John, a leading economic driver for the Province of New Brunswick. It is here where Brittany was able to harness her project management, leadership and creative skills by overseeing global and local campaigns, events and business development initiatives involving many stakeholders. In her spare time, she was always striving to create the ultimate nest as she and Jeff discovered their joint enthusiasm towards homes. Once the project load hit a certain point that’s when Brittany decided to join their company full-time in order to blend her marketing and project management skillset throughout the client base. You can find Brittany heading downhill at Poley Mountain ski resort, going to spin class with her friends and frequenting shops all over the City – which she insists she’s sourcing items for projects.