Negotiations Are Done. Now What?


You’ve gone through the listing, showing + negotiating steps in selling your home. You’ve accepted an offer and your home is SOLD. Now what?

Here is a closing check-list to give you an idea on what you may need to do leading-up to your closing date.

1) Advise your lawyer that an agreement has been signed. Ensure your lawyer has all the necessary items ready to close the deal.

2) Take another look at any conditions in the agreement that requires action on your part. Complete them as soon as possible.

3) Notify your lawyer + bank if the buyer is assuming your mortgage.

4) Call your insurance agent and arrange cancellation or transfer of your homeowner’s insurance.

5) Contact the post office, utilities, telephone, internet + TV companies about transferring or removing service.

6) Notify your real estate agent immediately if there are any changes to your property and/or your situation.

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