Darlings Island Countryside Escape


This Darlings Island countryside escape expresses itself through its contents – water, land, structure. Providing bounds of natural resources for those who prefer a simpler, out-of-city lifestyle. Serving as a protective barrier is its rolling acreage, timbering hardwoods and vast range of other Acadian forest species. A semi-rural escape.

A face of opportunity sits here. Feasible for somebody with a deep love of the land, as solar or wind power could provide a self-sustaining aspect. A fully-functional homestead, with vegetable, flower or animal crops lining the grounds. A ranch, with space for horses to run and be kept, already with a garage fit for 3 stalls. And if 12 isn’t enough acres to please there are more neighbouring outer boundaries, additionally available.

Swim, fish, float, canoe out of the same body of water that feeds the homegrown crops or livestock. In the winter, skate. An already fenced expanse of acreage is ideal for land of this size, keeping dogs or farm animals within and local wildlife out. Further proving the lands natural wealth of itself, rain re-fills the pond and scattered seeds sprout juvenile trees each spring.

This home caters to anyone looking to escape the ordinary and nonetheless, holds experiences, memories and opportunities even larger than its 12 acre footprint.

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