Built-In Reveal: Holiday Edition


The Room

The concept of a built-in is limitless and can improve room function like this built-in reveal, holiday edition. Being functional is one thing. A built-in can warm-up a space very quickly. It can also frame a view, define an area, house media equipment, add visual treat, exploit awkward areas like under a staircase and inject character. They are the opposite of free standing furniture, very much part of the home, fixed and built specifically for one place. By being so highly customizable, you can choose to showcase as much or as little prized possessions as you like. Done right it looks like part of the home. Seemingly meant to be there.

FInishing Touches

This Vantage Build custom built-in was installed 7 years after the home was built, meaning the kitchen is that age too. Being visible to one another, they had to have common modern ground. The grandness of the 15′ wide by 9′ high solid birch unit is matched by its detail. Matte white inset doors, topped by black Emtek hardware, flute backing to the open shelves adds a ribbed texture. Centering the stage is a glossy green fireclay tile with desert sand grout and Winnipeg-made Marquis propane fireplace unit purchased locally at Fireside. The slab inset cabinet doors enhance the seamless look with everything being so flush and fit. With 5 open shelves that aren’t too open but open enough to display holiday trinkets, artwork and belongings it’s not an overwhelming amount to fill and style.

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